With a life long interest in the arts and in particular the French impressionist period, Patrick is now able to devote his time to painting after a successful business career as a senior executive with several high tech and life sciences companies.

Following studies in his native France, Patrick came to the United States for a graduate program in Color Science. He then held several management positions in the software industry and high tech companies. Patrick has been painting as a hobby for many years until retirement.

Artist Statement

As a landscape painter, I use the effect of light and shadow in the natural world to depict familiar scenes.The sky, trees, fields, boats and water become focal points of interest depending on the mood of the scene that I want to paint. My plein air paintings are a record of my observations from nature – a product of a singular moment in time and my relation to it. To that point, I feel that painting a landscape is like writing a poem. I want to draw the viewer into the new world that I just created. Each painting has its own unique story, background and references.  This is the beauty of the art of painting. Every new piece will be different than the last one, and will evoke varying emotions.

I paint both in plein air and in the studio. Painting directly in nature is very rewarding, and allows me to capture key elements in the moment.  In most cases, I paint early in the day to get the clear light or in late afternoon to concentrate on shadows and contrast. Working with oil paints brings me the joy of layering and mixing several colors on the canvas to create different types of texture via brushstrokes. In the studio, I paint larger size canvases inspired from plein air studies or memory. In this process I can work at my own pace unhurried by weather and lighting shifts, and add details as necessary. My plein air and studio work inform each other, as each presents its own challenges and insights. In both situations, I feel that I always learn from the experience.