Harbor Scene in Maine

As a landscape painter, Patrick is interested in the design and effect of light on scenes that can create strong emotions and evocate nostalgic feelings.

He paints either on site (plein air) or from memory in his studio using scenes from his travels or from day to day life experience.

Patrick, a self taught painter, is mostly inspired by the impressionist movement both in France and later on in the USA. He enjoys using brushstrokes to convey an emotion and paints with solvent free oils on linen canvas.

Patrick’s Studio

Patrick’s studio is located on the fourth floor at 450 Harrison Avenue in the SoWa art district in Boston.

Studio 407 is open by appointment or during major SoWa events such as:

First Fridays – 5pm to 9pm

Second Sundays – 11am to 4pm

Patrick can be reached at:

617-515-7639 (cell phone)